Why does Raw Indian Hair popular so long in the market?

Why does Raw Indian Hair popular so long in the market?

  • Liao Michael

It is confusing to choose the right supplier in today’s growing hair market, especially as many sellers claim to offer “virgin hair”;”unprocessed hair” or “full cuticle hair”. In reality, most vendors are providing their customers with non-remy hair; processed hair selling it as “natural” “remy” hair and stated their grade from 5a to 10a on and on.

At Mayflower Hair Company, we believe in complete honestly and want our customers to be satisfied every time they wear our Raw Indian Hair and Malaysian hair. We also believe that when our customers get knowledge and experience to identify the quality of virgin hair extension and feel the different when touch our hair, most thing is be aware of cheap always means poor quality. At here, we stress out that we only offer 100% unprocessed virgin remy hair that never processed or colored.

Now the question is coming: what does Remy or unprocessed virgin mean? Virgin remy means that the hair has all cuticles healthy, intact in the same direction from root to tip, when it has been cut directly from women’s head and held in a ponytail. Because of the careful collection process, none of hair strands fall to the floor. It looks natural and beautiful, and longevity can be lasting 2years. In contrast, non-remy or other type hair is made from hair collected from the floor of salon or brush hair. As this reason, hair cuticle directions are always mixed up, to solve tangling issue, factory treat the hair with chemical or acid to strip off all cuticle and then apply layers of silicone coating over it to bring back the sheen. Unfortunately, after such treatment the hair initially looks and feels good and it is difficult for clients to detect just by touching or feeling. However, after few washes the silicone coating wears off and the hair feels very rough. Since the cuticles are stripped off, hair should be tangled terrible and can’t reuse at all. The hair sold at many online shops, often labeled as “virgin””remy”etc is never really virgin remi at all. As a matter of fact, around 70% of them available at Aliexpress store are low quality with very cheap price. In addition to all that, that hair can cause skin irritation and scalp allergies to people sensitive to chemically processed and bad smell.

Raw Indian Hair is naturally in color and its thickness varies between fine to medium. Due to this reason Raw Indian Hair blends seamlessly with both Caucasian and ethnic texture, Raw Indian Hair is also very versatile. In its natural form it comes in light wavy to curly textures. However it can be easily flat ironed to sleek straight look as well. Natural texture with beautiful bounce and fullness is highlight of Raw Indian Hair. Raw Indian Hair can also be easily colored to blond and lighter tone. This is why Raw Indian Hair is the most sought after hair by extension lovers and many fashion celebrities.



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