How to identify virgin hair

  • Liao Qiyuan

  First thing is maybe you have seen the hair grade shown 6A;7A;8A even 9A at so many store, it made you are confusing to choose and buy it. We are stand here and take responsibility to declare: No any grade standard or certificate institution to access human hair extension in this industrial until to now! Here only have virgin hair; Remy hair; non-remy hair. Maybe somebody use bad hair to instead of virgin hair to selling.

  We are just talk about how to identify the Virgin hair today.  "It is the best hair that just cut from donor directly with full cuticle, not by any chemical process, no any others mixed..."  . Now a new question is coming; you don’t have any equipment belong with you, how to know the cuticle intact or mixed synthetic fiber?

  I will tell you useful methods by eyes and hands as bellowing:

  Firstly you need take the hair weaves to outdoor in sunshine not indoor lighting. Virgin hair color is natural black or light brown, not #1 or dark black. From hair tip to the end, the color is from natural black to light brown is right, if some strands are always black or red maybe you need to be cautious now. As far as we know, virgin hair is in natural status just like own hair. So if the hair ends has small white dots, it isn’t the remy hair definitely, but a little dry or splits are really normal due to nutrition can’t reach to any strands. Okay, now you need to identify the cuticle , if the hair bundles is very silk smooth by your hands, the hair must be taken acid chemical process already. Cuticle hair isn't very silk if you touch it from end to tips. Maybe it is hard for you to feel because most of you are lack the experience we know.  So you can use a small knife to scrap a handful of hair lightly, if the powder is white; this is virgin hair without any colored before. Cuticle is very important for blench color and protect hair longevity during maintenance.

  Secondary is you use hot water (80 oC) and added shampoo to wash this hair 5 minutes , then put your finger into hair bundles to go through strands, if it is tangle and look like a bird nest, it is definitely not real virgin hair!

  We know all the money is owned by your hardworking, we have to protect anyone’s investment and need everyone happy with us. You can read our hair tips or contact us If you feel free.