No 6A;7A;8A;9A hair grade system

  • Liao Qiqun


Have you ever wondered why most companies refuse to tell you where they source their hair extensions?

Have you ever ask a virgin store hair clerk, manager or even owner where they source their hair extensions

and they stated, “I can’t tell you or they give you that deer lost in the headlights look?” Here’s the answer

you have been looking for. They get their hair from China. Simply put people will not share their source with you because it creates competition. The more competitors they have the more they have to lower their price in which cut into their profits. Another reason they wont tell you where they source their hair is because its manufactured hair from China. Real human hair doesn’t smell like corn chips, smoke and ammonia. Real human hair doesn’t melt when low medium or high heat is applied. It’s processed hair.

When it comes to hair extensions there are only a hand full of companies in the world that sells 100% virgin hair extensions. There are only a few companies who sell these extensions at wholesale prices.

Countries in South America do not cut their hair for profit or religious purposes. Even if they did their hair extensions would be very expensive based on its popularity. So called exotic hair extensions Armenian,

Brazilian, Peru, Eurasian, Italian, Mongolian, Russian blonde and etc… Those countries do no cut their hair. I find it amazing that type of hair extensions is on the market yet I don’t. When I think of the billions of dollars that has been poured in the Chinese community by individuals who are looking to sell non-quality hair extensions retail/wholesale and looking to make dollars/cents off the uneducated I can understand it. Just imagine someone gave you a billion dollars and stated create this product using the absolute best material you can find. Wouldn’t you be able to create a semi real like product to sell to the ,The next time you go to a virgin hair store or a Chinese company contacts you that claim to sell real human hair extensions ask them:

  1. Where do you source your hair extensions?
  2. How do you source your hair extensions?
  3. How do you ensure the quality hair extensions?
  4. What’s the difference between graded (7A 8A) hair extensions
  5. Who or what grades hair extensions?
  6. Where is hair regulated to receive grades?
  7. How do you sell South American hair so cheap?
  8. How much do you pay South American donors?
  9. How much does it cost to ship from South America to China
  10. How is it possible for you to pay South American donors, ship hair from South America to China,

pay for you business to operate, ship hair for free and charge less than $32 for 1 bundle of your hair extensions?

Most companies won’t answer those questions and won’t answer those questions because they will feel as

though you know what you are talking about. Even as an international company we get contacted all the time by Chinese vendors asking to partner up with us. Our answer is no. We know the quality of hair

extensions we provide. We know who and where we get our hair from and we are very transparent about our product. To answer those questions above

  1. Burma Cambodia and Malaysia
  2. Our team cuts pony tails
  3. Cutting ponytails ensures quality of hair because all cuticles are intact and flowing in the same direction. Storage of your hair extensions essential to quality. The wefting process is very vital to the quality of hair extensions because its prevents shedding. Malaysia Hair Imports hair rarely sheds
  4. Don’t exist
  5. There’s no human or machine that can grade hair to an exact number. Marketing scam to get more money.
  6. There’s no government that regulates hair.
  7. Its not South America hair nor is it sourced from there
  8. They don’t because the hair is manufactured and if they are sourcing hair its low quality Indianhair in which you as a buyer will purchase 10% virgin hair 90% fillers.
  9. Its not being sourced from Brazil or Peru.
  10. They manufacture and process the hair.

We advise all to educate themselves on hair extensions and get the most out of your money. Remember your hair extensions should be an investment not a recurring bill. It should last as long as it’s properly