You get what you pay for

  • Liao Qiqun

This Monday, one customer told to me: “I have bought 3 bundles hair weaves from a shop at large platform and now its tangle terrible and shedding at anytime. and I have to take it down now , So I don’t know how to choose and where can I buy from at this moment.”“How much did you paid for it.”I ask him, “$94 for 3 bundles 20” virgin hair, free shipping.” So that is what it is…, as far as we know, the cost of genuine virgin hair bundles is higher than this level. This is absolutely falsecheap with poor quality.

Now I have to point out to all of noble clients is: You just only happy at that moment when you get cheap or big discount, and will unhappy even feel regret after each day; For the quality products, you will only feel unhappy at that moment when you buy hair extension that a little higher than others seller. but you will happy and enjoy it after each day!

Based on your taste for the life style , for quality life is also depends on your choice. Only selected the right commodity, time will testify your vision and rational judgments.

I also told this words to this client and she realize how and where to buy from now.