Double drawn hair is becoming popular now

  • Liao Qiqun

What is fashion in human hair market this year? That is no doubt that my answer is Double drawn hair weft if you like diversity style, it is the trend especially in top society and fashion lady. Double drawn hair extension is undeniably synonymous with glamour and beauty which can spice up your look. It becomes more and more popular in global market .

Double Drawn is a bundle of hair that is all in one length. There are no shorter lengths of hair present. It is thicker and fuller look, also a little heavier than single drawn. Single Drawn Hair is a bundle of hair that appears like a ponytail because all the short lengths of re-growth hair are kept in the bundle. However, it is great quality hair which appears more natural. Most of the customers also wonder at why the Double Drawn is more expensive than the Single Drawn, I have to say it is worthy.

 At UK; Nigeria, Ghana people love: Aunty Funmi hair or double drawn Vietnamese remy hair in depth now.  Funmi hair is not like other hair out on the market, it is the best for feel, style and longevity.

Mayflower hair is one of the initial suppliers and offering top quality double drawn virgin hair to many customers already, we had designed the most texture funmi hair and the length from 8 inches up to 20 inch in natural black and other color are available. For more information please visit