Traditional hair retailers are never out of date

  • Liao Qiqun

During the past few years, more and more online shopping had come out around the world including human hair products, Now we often heard that more and more people said: traditional wholesale will be dying as the e-commerce impact!  I don’t fully agree these points based on my several years’ work experience at sales outlet.

The big picture or truly figure about online shopping is never exceed 15% in each field sales turnover such as Garment; Shoe; Book; Mobile; Cosmetic; Sports and outdoor items, etc of course including Hair extensions. The big weakness of online shopping is lack of customer happy experience compared physical shopping, people need to spend their holiday or free time to look through each commodities their favorite and face to face dialogue with seller for pricing or onsite service, especially for the virgin hair weaves or lace wigs, women need not only the hair bundles but also a good installation service and proper care after sales. No any online hair shop can instead of this feeling and function!

And the secondary strength is people can touch and check quality at physical products, they don’t need to worry about the quality after their look over carefully, and also get return and refund guarantee from retailers as common rules.

Lastly is retailer can be establish better customer relationship and royalty than online shopping, they often make depth distribution in their area even in the society community, they can even use this person’s prestige, reputation and promote bush to infection. to convince clients to reach store and buying visit by wall to wall marketing. I know that some of our customers are doing this job well. As I said before, virgin hair extension isn’t a standard products just like others commodity, and it isn’t cheap. Client don’t want to waste their money and get bad wearing. So the word of mouth is becoming important now.

Of course traditional hair retailers also can be use modern internet methods to expand their potential customer such as Youtube; Facebook; Instagram etc. I always say that internet social media only a tools for business, and the secret of successful is products; price and service, never change in the past, existing and future.

Now we are looking for talented hair retailer.

We are one of the well known companies manufacturing and supplying a quality array of Virgin weft hair. We have a team of skilled labors who manufacture these hairs under the supervision of our professional experts. With the use of quality hairs and advance technologies we manufacture our products. Our clients can avail these from us at comprehensive price ranges.

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